Niger Delta Knowledge Centre

“Imagine.. you are a university student living in a region with broken educational infrastructures and empty libraries. More so, campuses are infested with oil-drilling & gas-flaring activities, but you are still eager to improve your life chances and your community well-being. Unfortunately, there are no academic readers.”

This is the reality in the Niger Delta. Over six decades of oil and gas exploitation has completely destroyed the land and waterways in the region. As such the International College of Commerce, with the support of the libraries of Maastricht University, VU Amsterdam and Wageningen UR, has initiated the Niger Delta Knowledge Centre.

With help.. from our supporters we have collected 110,000 academic, reference and vocational books, journals and encyclopaedias and bookshelves.
Since our academic library is relatively new, we are constantly asking for fresh contributions towards achieving a much more professional environment.

Project Objective

The Niger Delta Knowledge Centre promotes reading and lifelong learning in the Niger Delta by providing students, teachers and researchers with a knowledge-hub; a hub that will give open access to academic information that will help local academics to redefine existing fundamental values and enables them to work towards concrete improvements in their lives and environment.


The centre will be home to:

  • an independent academic library; a hub for higher education study materials.
  • a heritage place: for the collection and archiving of regional historical information.
  • a conference center: for socio-economic symposia and other informative activities.
Maastricht Academic Library

Named after the European city of Maastricht, located in The Netherlands and home to Maastricht University  (a major contributor to NDKC-project); which stands out for its innovative approach to learning and international outlook.

The library will houses over 110,000 academic, reference and vocational books, journals and encyclopaedias. In the fields of Computer and Social Sciences, Business and Development Economics, Government & Law, and Tropical & Medical Sciences.

The library will have an open access policy for local and international students and practitioners.

Heritage Place

NDKC heritage place has the goal of encouraging the preservation of Niger Delta’s history and indigenous cultures.

Collections concerned with the various phases of life: containing; clippings; pamphlets; artworks; photographs; extracts from periodicals, letters, signatures, manuscripts, documents and books that are of significant value to education and society now and in the future.

In order to deliver these tangible memorable experiences and learning opportunities in various areas of history and culture we partner locally with universities, governments and communities.

Conference Centre

NDKC hall will host socio-economic symposia, debates, informative activities, and supports local communities projects; by approaching their problems within the local context and providing grass root solutions and methodologies by taking into account relevant social factors that includes the local capacities.

3D-tour Multi-purpose Building

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How It Started
Deeply concerned about the hardships of his early years. The initiator, Paul Oviawe, started looking for scholarly solutions to reducing poverty in the Niger Delta region.
Dedicated Supporters
An international network of supporters, that includes renowned universities in The Netherlands.
Challenging Task
Help over 200.000 students and academics to redefine their fundamental values and work together towards concrete improvements of lives and environments.
Collective Effort
A vast, well-thought and life-changing project in education, which is supported by an international network of trusted volunteers.
Student Community
A region with over 200.000 higher-education students and academics with little or no academic readers and scholarly information.
The Local Team
Our team is a collaboration and partnership of university students and tutors. We are also constantly striving for new ideas.


IBAN: NL43 ABNA 0831 6304 50
att. International College of Commerce
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Contact Details

Balistraat 27-a
1094JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)20-665 4163
Tel. +31 (0)6-5049 2753

Local Contact

2 Oviawe Close
Off Upper Erumuse
Evwotubu, Benin City
Edo State, Nigeria
Tel. 080-2112 7523
Tel. 080-3409 5086

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